Top Home Tech Must-Haves

April 04, 2021

Managing household chores can be challenging, especially if you have to juggle work, social life, and house responsibilities. However, there is always a modern home equipment that can help you speed up household chores and make it easier to maintain your home. With today’s advanced technology, living independently and maintaining your home has become easier. Investing in modern home technology will not only help you save more time, but it can also create a more comfortable setting for you. 


Best Home Technologies Worth Investing In

If you are living in a contemporary neighborhood like Brizlane Residences and you want to upgrade your home with modern equipment that can create a better living experience for you, here are some of the best home technologies you should get:


  • Digital plug timer - A digital plug timer is a device that is plugged into the socket before you connect an extension or equipment. A digital plug timer is an excellent piece of equipment set to automatically switch on and off any piece of electrical equipment plugged into it, making it ideal for homeowners with a tight schedule and who are prone to forgetting to switch off home equipment. A digital plug timer is also ideal for those who want to save electricity as you can schedule when to switch off outdoor lights. It’s practical, especially among people who do not like getting up to turn on the electric fan after the air conditioner switches off. This device is also helpful in keeping the house safe from fires caused by overheated equipment. 
  • Family Hub Refrigerator - A family hub refrigerator is an advanced multipurpose refrigerator with features such as a water dispenser, touch screen control panel, wifi connectivity, camera, child-lock security feature, and vacation mode. If you live with your family, a family hub refrigerator is among the best home technologies you should invest in. Aside from its advanced features, it also has a large capacity, making it ideal for months worth of grocery. If you live in a sizable townhouse such as Brizlane Residences, there will always be space for a family hub refrigerator. 
  • Robot vacuum - A robot vacuum is an automated home cleaning tool that allows you to maintain a clean floor while you are busy doing other tasks or while you are out. A robot vacuum can be set to operate at specific hours and can also be connected to the wifi. 
  • Genican - A genican is a device installed in the garbage bin. It keeps track of everything thrown, organizing in their proper recycling bins, and adding them to your grocery list. With genican, you can keep track of the ingredients or products you’ve run out of, making grocery shopping easier for you. 


Spending a hefty amount on advanced home equipment that will help you save time and energy is a worthy investment. You do not have to be stressed out about maintaining your house and doing household chores after a long tiring day at work. Having time-saving home equipment will also give you more time to unwind and bond with your family.